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What to Do With Yard Waste – Tips & Advice

Backyard junk removal services Seattle

Yardwork makes you feel productive but often leaves your yard looking like a mess. A yard full of cut weeds, leaves, shrubs, and grass can be overwhelming as you wonder what to do with yard waste. Whether you want to try to do it yourself or bring in the professionals, we’ve got a few ways […]

How to Dispose of Fire Extinguisher – Recycling Used or Expired Fire Extinguishers

red fire extinguisher

It is essential to follow some good practices when disposing fire extinguishers. To properly dispose of a fire extinguisher, you need to consider the fire extinguisher type. They come in different designs to handle different types of flames.  In this article we’ll be discussing fire extinguisher disposal in a more general way, but we’ve addressed […]

Seattle Recycling Rules Explained by Junk B Gone

Residential Recycling Rules What Should You Recycle? Remember to keep it as easy for them as possible. Things like individual sandwich bags can get caught in the machinery and stop sorting for a long period of time. Seattle has had its fair share of what many call “wishful recycling”, where consumers don’t check lists and […]