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Here’s how to get rid a Junk RV or Old Camper

Owning an RV is like holding a ticket to adventure, offering freedom to explore the open road and create lasting memories. But what happens when that ticket expires? When the once cherished RV becomes a cumbersome liability, its presence is more burdensome than liberating. This transition from asset to liability is a challenge many RV […]

Success Story: Swift Same-Day Debris and Trash Removal Around Dumpsters

Debris Removal Services Seattle

Rapid Response to Urgent Debris and Trash Clearance Needs When a distress call came in reporting an unsightly accumulation of debris and trash around local dumpsters, our team at Junk B Gone knew that immediate action was required. Within the same day, our crew was dispatched to the scene, ready to tackle the challenge head-on. […]

How to get rid of an Old Piano

Piano Removal Bellevue

Imagine this: nestled in the corner of your living room sits an old piano. Once, its keys echoed with melody and life, a centerpiece of family gatherings and solo reflections. But now, it stands silent, a relic of past times, no longer needed or perhaps even functional. This scenario is alot more common than you […]

What It Costs and How It Works: A Guide to Estate Cleanouts

mercer island estate clean out

Navigating the world of estate cleanouts can feel like walking through a maze, especially when you’re juggling emotional stress and logistical complexities. Whether you’re dealing with the aftermath of a loved one’s passing or preparing a property for sale, you’re likely facing a whirlwind of decisions and tasks. This guide aims to be your compass, […]

Composting vs. Landfill: What to Do with Your Yard Waste

Furniture Removal Truck Seattle

Every homeowner with a yard faces the recurring challenge of yard waste disposal. As the seasons change, our yards get filled with fallen leaves, grass clippings, and occasional branches. The question then arises: How should we dispose of this waste? The two most common solutions are composting and sending the waste to a landfill. While […]

5 Common Mistakes People Make When Disposing of Yard Waste

Two junk b gone team members yard waste removal from yard in Bellevue on sunny day

Yard waste disposal may seem like a straightforward task—simply gather your leaves, branches, and grass clippings and get rid of them, right? However, the reality is that improper yard waste disposal can have negative environmental and even legal consequences. In this blog post, we’ll explore five common mistakes people make when disposing of yard waste […]

Why Businesses Everywhere are Choosing Professional Junk Removal Services?

Residential Junk Removal Services

In the fast-paced world of business, companies are constantly evolving, innovating, and adapting to stay ahead. As they grow and adapt, there’s an unavoidable outcome: the generation of unwanted items and materials. Consider the old office furniture being replaced by modern ergonomic designs or outdated IT equipment being swapped out for the newest technological advancements. […]

How to Get Rid of Construction Debris

Junk B Gone truck on site at a residential construction debris removal project in Seattle

Why is Managing Construction Debris So Crucial? Whether you’re a homeowner diving into a renovation or a contractor finalizing a new build, there’s a universal challenge that awaits: dealing with construction debris. This waste, which arises from both minor and major construction activities, tends to accumulate rapidly. It’s not just about the logistical challenges; there […]

Success Story: Efficient Disposal of Expired Pharma in Downtown Seattle

Junk Removal in Downtown Seattle

A Complex Challenge: Disposing Expired Pharmaceuticals A renowned pharmaceutical company in Downtown Seattle faced a significant challenge. With a vast inventory of expired pharmaceutical items, the company was in dire need of a solution that would ensure safe and compliant disposal. These items, ranging from over-the-counter medications to specialized prescription drugs, posed potential risks if […]