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What It Costs and How It Works: A Guide to Estate Cleanouts

mercer island estate clean out

Navigating the world of estate cleanouts can feel like walking through a maze, especially when you’re juggling emotional stress and logistical complexities. Whether you’re dealing with the aftermath of a loved one’s passing or preparing a property for sale, you’re likely facing a whirlwind of decisions and tasks. This guide aims to be your compass, […]

Composting vs. Landfill: What to Do with Your Yard Waste

Furniture Removal Truck Seattle

If you’re a homeowner with a yard, you’ve likely faced the dilemma of what to do with your yard waste. The leaves, grass clippings, and small branches that accumulate over time need to go somewhere. But where? The two primary options are composting and sending the waste to a landfill. In this blog post, we’ll […]

5 Common Mistakes People Make When Disposing of Yard Waste

Two junk b gone team members yard waste removal from yard in Bellevue on sunny day

Yard waste disposal may seem like a straightforward task—simply gather your leaves, branches, and grass clippings and get rid of them, right? However, the reality is that improper yard waste disposal can have negative environmental and even legal consequences. In this blog post, we’ll explore five common mistakes people make when disposing of yard waste […]

Why Seattle Businesses are Opting for Professional Junk Removal

Businesses in Seattle are constantly evolving, adapting, and looking for ways to operate more efficiently. Amidst the skyline of glass and steel, there’s an unseen challenge many businesses grapple with: managing unwanted clutter. From outdated office furniture to obsolete electronics, the debris of progress can pile up. But savvy Seattle businesses have found a solution […]

How to Get Rid of Construction Debris

Junk B Gone truck on site at a residential construction debris removal project in Seattle

Whether you’re a homeowner embarking on a renovation project or a contractor wrapping up a new build, one challenge remains consistent: managing construction debris. This waste, a byproduct of both small and large construction endeavors, can quickly accumulate, presenting not only logistical challenges but also environmental concerns. In the bustling city of Seattle, where construction […]

How We Aided a Downtown Seattle Pharmaceutical Company with Recycling Expired Pharma Items

Junk Removal in Downtown Seattle

Downtown Seattle is a busy place with many businesses. Pharmaceutical companies are key players here, providing essential medicines and medical tools. But, like other businesses, they have challenges, like dealing with expired items. Recently, Junk B Gone helped a leading pharmaceutical company in Downtown Seattle. Our job? Removing hundreds of boxes with expired items like […]

Understanding the Penalties for Illegal Dumping in Seattle

illegal Dumping

Seattle, with its picturesque landscapes and eco-conscious community, has always been a beacon for sustainable living. However, like many urban areas, the city faces challenges related to waste disposal. One significant concern is illegal dumping. In this post, we’ll delve into the penalties for illegal dumping in Seattle and the city’s efforts to combat this […]

How to Clean Out a Garage Full of Junk?

Garage Cleanout Services by Junk B Gone Team

Cleaning out a garage full of junk requires careful planning and strategy. Start by sorting all the items into three categories: keep, donate/sell, and discard. For the items you want to keep, organize them effectively using storage solutions like shelves, pegboards, or hooks. For items to donate or sell, consider garage sales, online marketplaces, or […]