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Furniture Removal Seattle

Junk B Gone can help you remove all kinds of Furniture from your home, or Offices.


I had Junk B gone come out about a week ago and they were fantastic! We had to get rid of a sectional couch and the men who came were nice, professional, and punctual! It was such a good value, too! Definitely recommend!

Cassidy Childs

I cannot imagine a better experience at such a reasonable price.

Vincent Oneppo
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furniture disposal and removal service in Seattle

Junk B Gone is professional furniture disposal and removal service in Seattle that is committed to excellence by providing services you can rely on. In most cases, we provide same-day furniture hauling services.

We are Seattle’s most comprehensive furniture and appliance hauling expert. We can pick up the furniture from commercial and residential properties in the greater Seattle area including all cities North and South and on the Eastside as well. Our services also include property clean-up, construction site debris removal, yard waste, appliances, and single item pick up.

Junk B Gone is a local furniture disposal & Seattle rubbish removal company and has gained strong trust from the community by serving it for over 20 years. We strive to recycle, salvage, and donate as much as possible. If you are ready for your junk to ‘b’ gone, contact us online through our website.

Apartment Cleanout Junk Removal

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Upfront Furniture Removal Pricing

No one is a fan of getting expensive surprises, and Junk B Gone understands that. When you call our professional and friendly crew, we’ll show up, take a look at your items, and then provide you with a quote on the spot. So you’ll know beforehand what you’re going to pay once the job is done. And don’t worry, we’re an affordable furniture disposal company so our services can be availed by anyone.

We strive to be affordable yet have high work standards. Our crews are experienced, capable of lifting heavy furniture, and professional. They work as efficiently as possible to keep your costs low. We’re here to help

Furniture Removal Services Seattle

Can I Simply Get Rid of Furniture by Placing it on the Curb?

The Need for Furniture Removal Seattle

Furniture can be cumbersome and frustrating to transport, simply because most furniture items don’t fit well in regular cars. What’s more, most furniture items are located in central locations in homes and offices, away from exits, and are definitely not easy to lift either. For most people, proper removal of furniture is a hassle.

Some people even resort to pushing out their furniture to the curb, in hopes that it will be picked up by the trash collector. But this just makes the neighborhood look unkempt. In most cases, the furniture will remain on the curb for more than a day. Truth be told, leaving a sofa on the curb with a ‘take me’ sign isn’t a proper way of disposing of it. And all it takes to ruin that plan is a passing dog or a light drizzle.

A Better Way of Removing Furniture

There is a better way to dispose of your furniture – calling Junk B Gone. Simply call us to avail our furniture removal services in Seattle and we’ll do the rest for you. Junk B Gone employs strong workers who’ll haul anything you want out of your property and into the loader. Got several flights of stairs? That’s no problem either, our crews help the people of Seattle clear junk on a daily basis.

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Our team of strong workers is fully experienced and capable of lifting heavy items like:

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And let’s not forget the Junk B Gone truck, which always has room to load up big or small junk for disposal!

Recycle Junk Furniture or Make Donation

An important component of proper furniture removal is recycling and Junk B Gone takes recycling very seriously. Our crews drop off your junk at a recycling center or certified landfill at the end of each round. We make it a priority to recycle as much as we can to keep our environment healthy.

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Where Can I Donate Furniture in Seattle

There are always Seattle charities ready to accept used furniture. Check charities in your localities to see if they accept furniture items as donations. If they do, great! Now you’ll just have to transport your furniture, which carries lots of complications. Firstly, you’ll have to haul it out of your property, which definitely isn’t easy if you’re dealing with heavy furniture. Secondly, you’ll need a truck or a suitable vehicle which will accommodate the furniture without damaging it.

If this sounds too much, we’re happy to help! At Junk B Gone, we have a commitment to serve the community in Seattle, so you can always call Junk B Gone to pick up your furniture and drop it off at a local charity.

Recycling – A Benefit of Proper Furniture Disposal

What Kinds of Furniture Can be Recycled?

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Give Your Furniture a New Home Through Our Junk Removal Services

Trash Removal Seattle by Junk B Gone

If our crews feel that your used furniture is serviceable for disposal, they’ll drop it off at charities in the Seattle area. We have a firm commitment to the betterment of the community and the health of the environment. We do our best to ensure that the least amount of your junk ends up in a landfill.

The great thing is, you don’t have to worry about hauling your furniture to a recycling center or charity, our crews are experts at figuring out where it belongs. So if there’s furniture at your house that you need to get rid of, let Junk B Gone take care of it.

Why Our Junk Pickup and Furniture Removal Seattle Service is the best?

Customer experience and satisfaction are a high priority for Junk B Gone. Some furniture removal companies in Seattle will hand you a bill after they have completed the job. What’s more, the bill may not be itemized and just have the total charge. This keeps you oblivious to the cost until the job is done, at which point you’re obliged to pay for a service you have availed of.

How it Works?

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What Our Clients Say

Other Options for Furniture Disposal

It’s always a good idea to check with your city’s relevant department and see if they offer free heavy/large items disposal. This will vary by location. You can also get rid of furniture by simply putting it up for sale or giving it away for free. If none of this is possible, you’ll have to trash it yourself. This can be possible if you have a truck that can carry large pieces of furniture.

However, please note that this is always going to be a time-consuming process, and you’ll need to set aside the better part of a day. Save yourself time and hassle and hire Junk B Gone for an old furniture disposal service in Seattle. Apart from lifting your phone to call us, you won’t have to move a muscle to get rid of your junk. We’ll come and take it, no matter how heavy it is. Our crew will inspect the furniture and if it’s in serviceable shape, will drop it off at a charity center.

Disposal of Furniture When Moving Offices

Naturally, offices contain a large amount of furniture and it can be quite a chore to move all of it. A better option is to simply take inventory of everything and mark the things you don’t need to take with you. The marked items can either be listed for selling, given away to employees if they’re willing to haul them, or donated to charity. The local scrap yard also might be interested in some of the items.

In the event that an employee wants the items, bear in mind that moving a lot of furniture without professional help can be a cumbersome process. There’s also the risk of injury if the employee decides to haul it themselves, which can leave them unable to work, affecting your company’s operations. The best option when moving offices is to contact Junk B Gone, professionals at hauling away stuff you don’t need. We do our jobs with extreme efficiency to ensure none of your valuable time is wasted and transfer of furniture to the new office happens on schedule

Furniture Removal in the Greater Puget Sound

We offer furniture removal services throughout the greater Seattle area, including the communities listed below.
Don’t see your community? Shoot us a note and we’ll let you know if we can service your area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Our team is equipped and trained to handle furniture of all sizes. From couches to wardrobes, office desks to dining sets, we can help you remove all types of furniture. However, we advise you to let us know the size and type of furniture when scheduling the service for a smooth process.

The cost for furniture removal in Seattle depends on various factors, such as the volume and type of furniture, and the location of pick-up. For accurate pricing information, please contact us directly and we will provide a personalized quote.

We at Junk B Gone believe in responsible disposal of furniture. When possible, we aim to donate usable furniture to local charities. For items that can’t be donated, we ensure to dispose of them in accordance with local and environmental regulations, which includes recycling efforts where available.

You can easily schedule a furniture removal service with us either through a phone call or by booking online via our website. Our scheduling is flexible to suit your convenience.

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