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Furniture Removal Seattle

Junk B Gone can help you remove all kinds of Furniture from your home, or Offices in Seattle.


I cannot imagine a better experience at such a reasonable price.


We had a classroom that needed to be cleared out; we had furniture, obsolete items and home health care supplies. Junk-B-Gone had to make 3 trips, but they were professional and very easy to work with. I especially liked the fact that they would work to donate the health care supplies instead of tossing them. This was the 4th time I've used them, and they've been consistently fast, professional, and reasonably priced.

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Professional Furniture Removal Service in Seattle

Junk B Gone makes furniture removal effortless. Our team specializes in old furniture disposal. We offer a seamless experience from your home or office.

We design our process with you in mind. We handle bulky sofas, delicate loveseats, and heavy mattresses with care. Our professional furniture removal service in Seattle is not just about hauling away your items. It’s about doing it with an eco-friendly approach. We focus on furniture recycling. We ensure that we dispose of each piece in the most sustainable way possible.

At Junk B Gone, we understand the challenges of Seattle furniture hauling. Fitting large items into regular cars isn’t viable. Leaving them on the curb isn’t practical. That’s where we step in. With our affordable furniture disposal services, every item is the right size. Our team can clear out both residential and commercial spaces. This makes us the go-to choice for furniture recycling and disposal in the greater Seattle area.

Experience the difference with Junk B Gone. Your old furniture finds a new purpose, and you find peace of mind. Let’s give your furniture a responsible farewell and keep Seattle green together!

Seattle Furniture Hauling

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Transparent and Affordable Furniture Removal Pricing in Seattle

Navigating the cost of furniture removal in Seattle shouldn’t be a puzzle. We provide upfront and fair pricing, so there are no surprises afterward. When you call our team for furniture removal, we arrive on-site. We assess the items and provide you with an instant, obligation-free quote. This way, you know exactly what to expect about the cost before we begin the job.

We designed our pricing model to be transparent. There will be no hidden fees or last-minute charges. Our rates depend on the volume of items we’re hauling away. Whether it’s a single couch or an entire office cleanout. This approach ensures that you get the most value for your money.

Choosing us means selecting a service that’s committed to affordable furniture disposal. Our experienced team works hard to keep costs low without compromising on service. Your satisfaction is our priority – and that includes your financial peace of mind. Let us take the burden of furniture removal off your shoulders. Our clear pricing fits within your budget.

Furniture Removal Services Seattle

Can I Simply Get Rid of Furniture by Placing it on the Curb?

Why Curbside Disposal Isn't Ideal?

Placing old furniture on the curb might seem like a quick fix, but it’s rarely the best solution. In Seattle, leaving furniture by the roadside can lead to more problems than it solves. It clutters the neighborhood. It also doesn’t guarantee proper disposal. Furniture left out can be damaged by weather, making it unsuitable for reuse or recycling.

It’s a common sight: a lonely sofa or chair with a ‘free’ sign, sitting on the curb. But this method often exposes furniture to the elements. Its chances of being reused are less. It can be an eyesore and sometimes even violates local disposal regulations. To put it simply, curb disposal isn’t responsible or effective. This is especially true for larger, heavier items that need special handling.

A Better Way: Responsible Furniture Removal

At Junk B Gone, we encourage a more responsible approach to furniture removal. By choosing Junk B Gone, you ensure that your old furniture is well managed. You also contribute to a cleaner and more organized community. Our team ensures that each piece, whether it’s reusable or not, is dealt with in an eco-friendly manner. This approach maximizes the chances of your furniture being recycled or donated. It keeps it out of the landfill and contributes to a greener Seattle.

Our Furniture Removal Seattle Team
Is Here to Help You

Junk B Gone is your go-to solution for removing a wide array of furniture items in Seattle. Our team is well-versed in removing furniture of all shapes and sizes. We ensure that each piece is carefully extracted from your space. This applies no matter its location in your home or office. Our experienced and capable team of strong workers can lift heavy items like:

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We also specialize in removing more cumbersome items. These include hefty wardrobes, large office desks, and even shaped furniture pieces. Our furniture removal services are flexible and efficient.

We cater to both residential and commercial properties. This makes us a versatile choice for all your furniture removal needs. With Junk B Gone, rest assured that no furniture item is too challenging for us to handle.

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Giving Your Old Furniture a Second Life: Recycling and Donation​

Junk B Gone believes in the power of repurposing and recycling. When it comes to furniture removal, we not only haul your items away; we strive to give them a new lease on life. Our team assesses each piece of furniture.

We determine if it can be recycled or donated. Our disposal methods ensure that your old furniture contributes to a greener planet. It also supports local Seattle communities.

Donating furniture breathes new life into your old items. We collaborate with a network of Seattle charities. We find new homes for furniture that’s still in good condition. This approach not only reduces waste but also supports those in need.

Recycling – A Benefit of Proper Furniture Disposal

Recycling is a cornerstone of responsible furniture disposal. When we remove furniture from your premises, our goal isn’t to clear space. We want to process each item in a way that benefits our environment.

By recycling, we’re able to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. This not only conserves natural resources but also reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Every piece of furniture we recycle is a step towards a more sustainable future. 

What Kinds of Furniture Can be Recycled?

At Junk B Gone, we focus on recycling various types of furniture to cut environmental impact. Here are some common furniture items that are often suitable for recycling:

  • Wooden Furniture: Tables, chairs, and shelves made of wood.

  • Metal Pieces: Metal bed frames, patio furniture, and filing cabinets.

  • Upholstered Items: Sofas and armchairs, depending on the material.

  • Office Furniture: Desks, ergonomic chairs, and bookcases.

  • Outdoor Furniture: Garden benches and metal lawn chairs.

Each of these items, when recycled, helps conserve resources and reduce waste. This aligns with our commitment to sustainable furniture removal practices.

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Give Your Furniture a New Home Through Our Junk Removal Services

Trash Removal Seattle by Junk B Gone

If our crews feel that your used furniture is serviceable for disposal, they’ll drop it off at charities in the Seattle area. We have a firm commitment to the betterment of the community and the health of the environment. We do our best to ensure that the least amount of your junk ends up in a landfill.

The great thing is, you don’t have to worry about hauling your furniture to a recycling center or charity, our crews are experts at figuring out where it belongs. So if there’s furniture at your house that you need to get rid of, let Junk B Gone take care of it.

Why Our Junk Pickup and Furniture Removal Seattle Service is the best?

Customer experience and satisfaction are a high priority for Junk B Gone. Some furniture removal companies in Seattle will hand you a bill after they have completed the job. What’s more, the bill may not be itemized and just have the total charge. This keeps you oblivious to the cost until the job is done, at which point you’re obliged to pay for a service you have availed of.

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What Our Clients Say

Other Options for Furniture Disposal

It’s always a good idea to check with your city’s relevant department and see if they offer free heavy/large items disposal. This will vary by location. You can also get rid of furniture by simply putting it up for sale or giving it away for free. If none of this is possible, you’ll have to trash it yourself. This can be possible if you have a truck that can carry large pieces of furniture.

However, please note that this is always going to be a time-consuming process, and you’ll need to set aside the better part of a day. Save yourself time and hassle and hire Junk B Gone for an old furniture disposal service in Seattle. Apart from lifting your phone to call us, you won’t have to move a muscle to get rid of your junk. We’ll come and take it, no matter how heavy it is. Our crew will inspect the furniture and if it’s in serviceable shape, will drop it off at a charity center.

Removing Furniture Yourself

Removing furniture on your own involves several challenges. First, you need to secure the right tools and vehicle for transportation. This can be costly and time-consuming, as you may need to rent a truck and buy or borrow equipment. Handling heavy furniture poses a risk of injury, and improper techniques can lead to accidents or damage to your home. Furthermore, finding a proper disposal site and understanding local regulations adds to the complexity. The entire process can be stressful and physically exhausting.

Finding a proper disposal site and understanding local regulations add to the complexity. You might have to make multiple trips to a landfill or recycling center, which can quickly become exhausting. The entire process requires substantial effort and planning, making it a stressful and physically demanding task. Additionally, you may incur unexpected expenses, such as disposal fees or fines for improper disposal, further complicating the DIY approach.

Furniture Removal in the Greater Puget Sound

We offer furniture removal services throughout the greater Seattle area, including the communities listed below.
Don’t see your community? Shoot us a note and we’ll let you know if we can service your area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Our team is equipped and trained to handle furniture of all sizes. From couches to wardrobes, office desks to dining sets, we can help you remove all types of furniture. However, we advise you to let us know the size and type of furniture when scheduling the service for a smooth process.

The cost for furniture removal in Seattle depends on various factors, such as the volume and type of furniture, and the location of pick-up. For accurate pricing information, please contact us directly and we will provide a personalized quote.

We at Junk B Gone believe in responsible disposal of furniture. When possible, we aim to donate usable furniture to local charities. For items that can’t be donated, we ensure to dispose of them in accordance with local and environmental regulations, which includes recycling efforts where available.

The process usually involves scheduling a pickup. A team assesses and quotes the job on-site. Then, the team removes the furniture for disposal, recycling, or donation.

Many local charities in Seattle accept furniture donations. We can transport suitable furniture items to these organizations, helping you contribute to the community while decluttering.

Commonly recycled furniture includes wooden pieces and metal furnishings. Some upholstered items may be recycled, depending on the material.

Yes, recycling is beneficial. It helps reduce landfill waste, conserves resources, and minimizes environmental impact. Most removal services strive to recycle as much as possible. We prioritizes recycling wherever possible.

You can easily schedule a furniture removal service with us either through a phone call or by booking online via our website. Our scheduling is flexible to suit your convenience.

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