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Seattle TV Disposal

We are the premier Seattle TV disposal company, making it easy for consumers to properly dispose of TV’s no matter what make and model it is.

The Need for TV Disposal in Seattle

Upon purchasing a new TV or maybe just some spring cleaning it becomes essential to correctly dispose of your old TV. Throwing out a TV (s) can be a bit tricky as there are certain city regulations on where and how the TV can be thrown out.

Ban On TVs in Garbage

Ever since 2005, there has been a King County ban against disposing televisions in the trash and transfer stations. This ban came after a similar ban in Seattle and Snohomish County. The reason for this ban is that lead content, contained in some TVs, is a poisonous material and is unsafe when someone is inadvertently exposed. Specifically, TV (s) that are the old CRT type won’t be accepted for donation and must be taken to a specific electronics recycling facility for disposal. Recycling or donating your TV can also help with landfill overcapacity. Moreover, we know that landfills are over capacity and it’s becoming harder to find places for the creation of new landfills and the overabundance of garbage. Per National Geographic, Americans produce around “4.4 pounds of trash per person per day”, annually. Keeping TV(s) and other electronics out of the landfills can further help environmental causes and landfill volumes.

We Take Old CRT TVs Too

Usually CTR TV(s) are ones that have thick glass, a low back on it and can’t be hung on the wall. Furthermore, a CRT TV is a television device that uses cathode ray tubes. These tubes contain one or more “electron guns and fluorescent screens that are used to view images” (Lumen Candela) and can contain high levels of toxins (toxic phosphor dust). We properly take and dispose of CTR TVs to make sure that these toxins don’t end up in the landfills. 


How We Handle TV Disposal

Proper TV disposal can be tricky. That is because not all TVs are created equal and some of them require special handling because of the potential toxins and harmful chemicals contained in the TV box. We are able to dispose of and/or recycle all of your TVs, in the most environmentally friendly manner possible. Disposal just takes one call! Schedule a time and we will come out to your house and take your TV(s).

Recycling and Donation

We believe it’s our responsibility to reduce our contribution to landfills, whenever it’s possible. This is why we donate and recycle as much as we can. We maintain relationships with local charities and non-profit organizations in order to donate TV(s) and electronics for people in need. For TVs that cannot be donated we make sure to properly recycle these electronics. For TVs that aren’t working properly, their parts can still be recycled and reused.

Transparent Pricing on Seattle TV Removal

In the past, tv owners or junk haulers would drop off old TVs at local electronic recycling centers and pay a fee. In 2009, Washington state law eliminated TV Disposal Fees so consumers only have to pay the cost of pick up and transport.


How do I dispose of a TV in Seattle?

You have a couple of options when throwing out your TV in Seattle. This will all depend on what neighborhood you are in and the type of TV you have. We have years of experience in the industry and know exactly what to do with your TV. We suggest checking with your neighborhood to see what disposal requirements are (e.g. can you leave it on the curb for trash pickup) and confirm what type of TV you have and if it can be recycled, or donated (see above about “Seattle’s ban of TVs in the landfill). If you want to make sure your TV will be disposed of properly, call, Junk B Gone, the experts!

Garbage CRT TV

Where should I throw away my old TV?

You have a couple of different options when it comes to TV disposal. The most common way would be to recycle specific TVs or donate your working TV. These disposal methods eliminate adverse environmental impact and can potentially provide someone in need with a valuable resource.



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