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Have used this service multiple times during yard clean-up and construction on the house. Always fast response, quick service, friendly workers and great communication. Will definiately use again!


They came quickly to review my items and I feel like price was totally fair they hauled alot! Thank you for your help!

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Efficient Piano Removal Service in Seattle

Do you have an old piano that you want to get rid of but don’t know how to go about it? At Junk B Gone, we understand that moving or disposing of a piano is no small task. These intricate instruments are not only heavy but also have sentimental value for many families. That’s why our piano removal service in Seattle is designed to help you handle this challenging task with ease and efficiency.

For over 30 years, we’ve been providing professional junk removal services, including piano removal, to Seattle residents. We’ve honed our skills and developed the necessary expertise to handle pianos of all types and sizes – from grand pianos to upright models. Whether you’re clearing space for a renovation, moving homes, or dealing with a loved one’s estate, we are here to help you every step of the way.

We take pride in our exceptional customer service, and we always ensure that we treat your piano and property with utmost respect during the removal process. You can trust us to manage your piano removal project promptly, efficiently, and without causing any unnecessary disruption. So why worry about how to move your piano when you can let the professionals handle it? Trust Junk B Gone to make piano removal in Seattle a breeze.

Removal of a large upright piano from a home in Seattle

What to Expect With Our Piano Removal Services

At Junk B Gone, we have designed our Piano Removal Services in Seattle to be as straightforward and stress-free as possible. Here’s what you can expect when you choose us for your piano removal needs:

Initial Consultation: We start by understanding your specific needs. This involves assessing the type and size of your piano, its location within your property, and the complexity of the removal.

Estimate and Scheduling: Once we understand your needs, we provide you with a free, no-obligation quote for the service. We then work with you to schedule the removal at a time that suits you best.

Piano Removal: On the scheduled day, our experienced team arrives with all the necessary equipment. We carefully navigate the piano out of your property, ensuring no damage to your home or the piano itself.

Responsible Disposal or Donation: Depending on the condition of the piano, we either responsibly dispose of it or arrange for it to be donated to a charity or school. If your piano is in good condition and you want to donate it, we can help coordinate that too.

By choosing Junk B Gone for your piano removal in Seattle, you’re choosing a hassle-free, reliable service that values your time, property, and peace of mind.

How We Ensure Safety and Efficiency

Safety and efficiency are at the heart of our piano removal service in Seattle. At Junk B Gone, we understand that pianos are not just heavy but also hold sentimental value. We have developed robust processes to ensure the safe and efficient removal of your piano.

Experienced Team: Our team members are extensively trained in proper lifting techniques and handling of heavy items, including pianos. They have years of experience and a proven track record of safely removing pianos of all sizes and types.

Appropriate Equipment: We utilize professional equipment designed for safe and efficient piano moving. This includes heavy-duty straps, moving dollies, padding, and protective covers.

Precautionary Measures: Prior to the removal, we take necessary precautions to protect your property from any potential damage. This involves padding sharp corners, covering floors, and clearing the pathway.

Comprehensive Insurance: Despite all precautions, accidents can happen. For such unlikely events, we carry comprehensive insurance to provide you with peace of mind.

Our commitment to safety and efficiency makes us a trusted choice for piano removal in Seattle. We make the process as smooth as possible so that you can focus on more important things. Trust Junk B Gone for professional, reliable, and safe piano removal.

Recycling and Disposal: Our Environmental Responsibility

Our commitment to responsible disposal

At Junk B Gone, our piano removal service is not just about taking the piano off your hands; it’s about disposing of it responsibly. We are committed to ensuring that our piano removal in Seattle is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Donations: If the piano is still in playable condition, we aim to donate it to local schools, community centers, or charities that can make use of it. This approach gives a second life to an instrument that might otherwise go to waste.

Recycling: Pianos are made from a variety of materials, many of which can be recycled. Whenever possible, we dismantle pianos and recycle the components. This might include metal strings, wooden parts, and even the ivory from older pianos.

Responsible Disposal: In some cases, a piano can’t be donated or recycled. In these instances, we ensure that it’s disposed of in a responsible manner, following all local and state regulations.

Our commitment to eco-friendly disposal aligns with our mission to provide excellent service while reducing our environmental impact. Choosing Junk B Gone’s piano removal service in Seattle ensures that your piano is removed efficiently and disposed of responsibly.

Specializing in Residential Piano Removal: Your Trusted Partner in Seattle

At Junk B Gone, we hold a long-standing reputation for exceptional residential piano removal services in Seattle. We pride ourselves on delivering a service that is as much about careful handling and respect for your home as it is about efficient removal.

One of our memorable projects involved a beautiful, but unfortunately beyond repair, antique grand piano from a Victorian-style home in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood. The piano had been with the family for generations but had fallen into disrepair and was taking up valuable space. The family contacted Junk B Gone, expressing their sentimental attachment to the piano and their concerns about the potential for damage during removal due to the narrow Victorian doorways and the piano’s size.

Our team was quick to reassure them. On the day of the removal, we arrived punctually and immediately set to work, carefully planning and executing a strategy to maneuver the grand piano out of the home. Our experienced team used specialized tools to delicately navigate the piano through the narrow hallways and doorways, all while ensuring no harm came to the home’s interior. The piano was successfully removed, leaving the family with extra space and peace of mind.

At Junk B Gone, we understand that items like pianos often hold sentimental value, and we treat them with the utmost respect. Whether you’re downsizing, decluttering, or renovating, trust Junk B Gone for efficient, professional, and respectful residential piano removal in Seattle.

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Why Junk B Gone is the Best Junk Removal Company in Seattle WA

It takes much more than a couple of trucks and drivers to form a quality junk removal company in Seattle, WA. Experience, commitment, and professionalism are all necessary components in creating an efficient junk removal business. Junk B Gone is Seattle’s most experienced full-service junk removal expert, with nearly 30 years as members of the Seattle community. We live here. We work here. We care about the good of the community just as much as you do. Here’s just some of what we can bring to your junk removal job:

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How Does Piano Removal Work?

Getting started with Piano removal with Junk B Gone Seattle is quick and easy.

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What Else We Take

Here’s a quick list of stuff that we remove here at Junk B Gone Seattle!  Our commitment to responsible handling means that we work to donate or recycle 80% of the items we remove. Let us make junk removal in Seattle easy and eco-friendly for you.

If you don’t see what you’d like hauled away here – don’t worry –  we’ll probably take it as long as it’s not hazardous.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We can remove all types of pianos, including upright, baby grand, grand, and even antique pianos. Regardless of size and weight, our experienced team has the skills and equipment necessary to safely remove your piano.

Generally, we only need clear access to the piano. However, if there are any specific obstacles such as tight doorways or staircases, it would be helpful to notify us ahead of time so that we can plan accordingly.

At Junk B Gone, we prioritize environmentally responsible disposal. If your piano is still in playable condition, we’ll make efforts to donate it. If it is beyond repair, we’ll recycle as much of the material as possible.

The cost of piano removal varies based on several factors including the piano’s size, location, and the complexity of the removal process. We provide free, no-obligation quotes so you can understand the cost upfront.

Yes, our team has extensive experience removing pianos from a variety of residential settings, including apartments. We’ll coordinate with you and your building management (if necessary) to ensure a smooth and efficient removal process.

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