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Junk B Gone: Your trusted partner for comprehensive, eco-friendly, and prompt junk removal services in Roosevelt.


I had Junk B gone come out about a week ago and they were fantastic! We had to get rid of a sectional couch and the men who came were nice, professional, and punctual! It was such a good value, too! Definitely recommend!


The team at Junk B Gone was quick to respond, on time, and friendly while onsite. If needed I’d use them again. Highly recommend!

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Efficient Junk Removal Services in Roosevelt

Clearing out unwanted items from your home or business premises can be a challenging task, especially without professional assistance. That’s why, at Junk B Gone, we’re proud to extend our top-tier junk removal services to the residents and businesses of Roosevelt. With our experienced team and commitment to sustainability, we are your go-to solution for “Roosevelt junk removal.”

Junk B Gone brings you a stress-free, efficient, and eco-friendly junk removal service to help you reclaim your valuable space. Our Roosevelt team is trained to handle all sorts of junk, from old furniture and appliances to construction debris, ensuring that your property stays clean and clutter-free. We’re focused on meeting the specific needs of our Roosevelt clients, tailoring our services to provide the most effective solutions for junk removal in Roosevelt.

In addition to providing top-quality services, we are deeply committed to protecting the environment. By promoting recycling and donation of reusable items, we aim to minimize the waste that ends up in landfills. So, when you choose Junk B Gone for “junk removal Roosevelt”, you’re also choosing to support a cleaner, greener planet.

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How Much Does Junk Removal Typically Cost?

What does junk removal in Roosevelt cost?

The cost of junk removal in Roosevelt can vary based on several factors. These factors include the volume of junk you need to have removed, the type of materials involved, and the labor required for the task. With Junk B Gone, our transparent pricing structure ensures there are no hidden costs or surprise fees. We aim to offer competitive prices that provide value for our customers while also delivering unmatched quality service.

It’s important to understand that every junk removal task is unique and so the costs will differ from job to job. However, our team at Junk B Gone is always willing to provide a free, no-obligation estimate. We assess your needs carefully and then provide a quote that accurately reflects the job. So whether you’re a homeowner doing a big cleanout or a business needing regular junk removal, we’ve got you covered with affordable junk removal services in Roosevelt.

Click the Request a Quote button below to get a free, no obligation on site assessment of your junk removal project.  We’ll show up on site, assess your project and if you approve of our price we’ll remove right then.  If not, our crew will simply move onto their next job.

What Makes Junk B Gone's Junk Removal Services in Roosevelt Stand Out?

Exceptional Junk Removal Services in Roosevelt

When it comes to junk removal in Roosevelt, Junk B Gone offers unmatched efficiency. We understand that Roosevelt is not just another neighborhood in Seattle, but a place rich in culture and history. Preserving the aesthetics and cleanliness of this area is our primary concern. Our team is trained to handle jobs of all sizes, ensuring that your home, office, or construction site is cleared of unwanted items swiftly and effectively.

Roosevelt is a thriving community with bustling businesses and active households. The accumulation of junk and unwanted items is inevitable. That’s where we come in. With Junk B Gone’s “junk removal Roosevelt” services, you can focus on the things that matter most to you while we handle the hard work. We provide efficient and responsible waste management solutions tailored to Roosevelt’s unique needs.

At Junk B Gone, we don’t just collect your junk; we make sure it ends up in the right place. Items that can still be used are taken to local Roosevelt donation centers and charities, giving them a second life and helping those in need. On the other hand, recyclable materials are transported to recycling facilities, ensuring that they are properly processed and reintroduced into the production cycle.

Our approach to junk removal not only delivers a clutter-free environment for our Roosevelt clients but also positively contributes to the community and the environment. With Junk B Gone, you’re not just getting rid of junk; you’re making a choice for a greener, cleaner Roosevelt. Your trust in our services is what drives us to deliver top-notch results every time.

Residential Junk Removal Services

What are Junk B Gone’s Roosevelt Junk Removal Services?

So are you ready to find out the great offers Junk B Gone has for you in terms of junk removal services in Roosevelt? Here is a list:

Office and Business Waste

Household Items and Trash

Larger Items We Remove

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What Does Junk B Gone Do with the Junk?

At Junk B Gone, our approach to handling your discarded items in Roosevelt is anchored in responsible and environmentally aware practices. When we collect your junk, our principal aim is to curtail what eventually ends up in landfills, thus decreasing our ecological footprint. Our attentive team meticulously goes through the collected items to identify those that can be saved, recycled, or donated.

Items that still hold potential for use are rerouted towards local Roosevelt donation centers and charities. This action gives these items a new lease on life and extends help to those in need. In contrast, recyclable materials are sent to the correct recycling facilities, ensuring they are repurposed and reincorporated into the production cycle. Through these principled practices, Junk B Gone does more than just offering top-notch Roosevelt junk removal services; we also make a significant contribution to the local community and the environment.

Moreover, by customizing our junk removal solutions to suit Roosevelt’s specific needs, we ensure minimal disruption to the community’s daily routines. We understand that each region has its unique demands and challenges, and Roosevelt is no different. Through our targeted services, we contribute to maintaining Roosevelt’s distinctive character and charm while ensuring that our environmental impact is as reduced as possible. With Junk B Gone, you can be confident that your junk removal needs are being handled responsibly and efficiently.

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How Does Junk Removal Work?

Whether you have a few items that need removing or a full office clean out, Junk B Gone is the
Roosevelt Junk Removal Company for the job!  We have an experienced team ready to serve you!

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Why Junk B Gone is the Best Junk Removal Company in Roosevelt?

Just having a couple of trucks or drivers isn’t enough to do a quality junk removal job in Roosevelt, WA. The components necessary in creating an efficient junk removal business include experience, commitment, and professionalism. We, at Junk B Gone, have all the qualities required for the most experienced full-service junk removal, being a member of the Roosevelt community for nearly 30 years. We live here. We work here. We care about the benefit of the community just as much as you do. Here are just a few of the services we bring to you when you call us for a junk removal job:

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Our Commitment to the Environment

At Junk B Gone, our unwavering commitment to delivering environmentally aware services is integral to our operations. As a part of our services in Roosevelt, we work tirelessly to lessen the strain on packed landfill sites by prioritizing recycling and donation initiatives. This eco-centric viewpoint is at the heart of our operations in Roosevelt.

The prevailing plight of landfills, strained due to the enormous volume of waste produced by Americans, is indeed alarming. The search for new landfill locations becomes increasingly challenging, especially considering an average American generates approximately 1,000 pounds of waste annually, contributing to around 250 million tons of trash nationwide every year!

The environmental consequences of this mounting waste issue are substantial. Landfills contribute to up to 12% of global methane emissions, significantly contributing to climate change. Furthermore, hazardous waste materials like mercury, lead, and cadmium frequently seep into the soil and groundwater reserves from these landfills, instigating widespread pollution. This pollution can endanger between 30 to 300 species inhabiting the areas around the landfill, posing a dire threat to local biodiversity.

Recognizing these threats, Junk B Gone gives utmost priority to the correct disposal of items that cannot be recycled or donated, especially those hazardous or containing toxins. Appliances are often the chief offenders in this regard.

For instance, refrigerators and freezers manufactured before 1995 contain chlorofluorocarbons, which are significant contributors to ozone layer depletion and climate change. Likewise, air conditioners often contain hydrochlorofluorocarbons, another harmful compound. Other appliances might contain toxins such as mercury, PCBs, and hazardous oils, which are extremely harmful to both human and animal life.

As a leading Roosevelt junk removal company, we are committed to donating, recycling, and disposing of junk in an ethical and responsible manner. It’s our pledge to our clients, our community, and our planet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Junk B Gone, we can remove a wide range of items in Roosevelt, from old furniture and appliances to yard waste and construction debris. Please contact us for specifics as some restrictions may apply for certain hazardous materials.

While we strive to handle a diverse array of waste materials, certain hazardous items like chemicals, asbestos, and certain types of batteries fall outside our remit due to safety and environmental regulations.

Our pricing is primarily based on the volume of junk you want removed and the nature of the items. We offer free, no-obligation estimates before starting the job.

Yes, Junk B Gone often provides same-day services in Roosevelt, depending on our schedule and the scope of the job. We recommend calling us as early as possible to secure your preferred date and time.