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Parking Lot Litter Removal at Lowes on Rainier Avenue

Seattle’s bustling urban spaces often witness the aftermath of heavy urban use—litter. In this week’s highlight, we shine a light on a job where our team efficiently tackled a pervasive issue many businesses grapple with: parking lot litter removal. The setting? The expansive parking area of the Lowes Home Improvement store on Rainier Avenue. Parking […]

How We Aided a Downtown Seattle Pharmaceutical Company with Recycling Expired Pharma Items

Junk Removal in Downtown Seattle

Downtown Seattle is a busy place with many businesses. Pharmaceutical companies are key players here, providing essential medicines and medical tools. But, like other businesses, they have challenges, like dealing with expired items. Recently, Junk B Gone helped a leading pharmaceutical company in Downtown Seattle. Our job? Removing hundreds of boxes with expired items like […]

Job of the Day – Illegal Dump at Apartment: Swift Trash Removal in Seattle

Junk Removal Apartment Seattle

Illegal Dump at Apartment: Junk B Gone Magically Makes Junk Disappear At Junk B Gone, we take pride in our ability to promptly address and resolve various junk removal challenges in Seattle. Today, we want to share an inspiring story about our recent “Job of the Day” – the removal of an illegal dump at […]