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Success Story: Parking Lot Litter Removal at Lowes on Rainier Avenue

Transforming Lowes on Rainier Avenue: A Comprehensive Parking Lot Litter Removal Success In the bustling heart of Seattle, parking lots often become unintended collection points for waste. From casually discarded packaging to remnants of broken items, these spaces can quickly accumulate litter, creating not just an eyesore but also a potential safety hazard. Recognizing the […]

Seattle Yard Waste Removal: A 5-Star Experience with Junk B Gone

Seattle Yard Waste Removal After Cleanup

Junk B Gone is not just a junk removal company – we also specialize in yard waste removal in Seattle and surrounding areas. Recently, we had the opportunity to demonstrate our efficiency and customer service in a project for Erica Collis, who needed help with a significant amount of yard waste. The Task at Hand: […]