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10 Winter Cleaning Tips to Prepare for Cold Season

Winter is here and it’s time to get prepared for the cold weather. Over the duration of a year, a lot can accumulate inside your home. The last thing you want is a house packed full of things you don’t need and that takes up room. The winter cleaning tips mentioned below will make your […]

What to Do With Yard Waste – Tips & Advice

Yardwork makes you feel productive but often leaves your yard looking like a mess. A yard full of cut weeds, leaves, shrubs, and grass can be overwhelming as you wonder what to do with yard waste. Whether you want to try to do it yourself or bring in the professionals, we’ve got a few ways […]

How to Dispose of Fire Extinguisher – Recycling Used or Expired Fire Extinguishers

It is essential to follow some good practices when disposing fire extinguishers. To properly dispose of a fire extinguisher, you need to consider the fire extinguisher type. They come in different designs to handle different types of flames.  In this article we’ll be discussing fire extinguisher disposal in a more general way, but we’ve addressed […]