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Quick Response to Bellevue Clinic Crash: Junk B Gone Same Day Cleanup

Bellevue faced a rude awakening early Tuesday when a car plowed into a medical building in Bellevue near the Lake Hills Village, kicking off a substantial natural gas leak and forcing more than 100 people out of their homes. We at Junk B Gone stepped right into action, called upon to manage the aftermath and get the property cleaned up and made safe for residents, customers and patients.

When we arrived the scene was a shambles—windows busted, siding crumpled, rubble strewn all over. We jumped in, sorting through the wreckage and hauling it off, all to make sure the neighborhood was safe for everyone’s return. Below are some photos of what the scene looked like when we arrived.

cleanup of Overlake clinic in Bellevue February 6, 2024.

Our team spent the morning cleaning up the trees, metal and car parts that were scattered everywhere! Lifting the giant natural gas main line that had been hit and broken was the most challenging part of the job, here’s a photo of our crew winching the heavy gas pipe into the back of our truck.

Lifting the natural gas pipe from the wreckage into the back of our truck next to an Overlake Clinic sign.

Next up, we tackled the exposed clinic. Our partners at Pacific Facilities boarded up those broken windows and fixed up the siding. This wasn’t just about slapping on some plywood; Pacific made certain the clinic was buttoned up tight against the elements and secure enough to keep serving the community while more permanent repairs were planned.

With the mess cleared and the building secure, things began to look up. Our prompt action helped cut down the headaches for Bellevue residents, and it paved the way for repair crews to do their thing without any hold-ups.

In the face of Bellevue’s unexpected twist, our Junk B Gone team showed up and got the job done. Our swift cleanup and boarding job post-crash is just another day’s work for us. From topsy-turvy to tidy, we handled the curveball, leaving the community ready to move forward. If you need junk removal in Bellevue or anywhere else in the greater Seattle area – give us a call or text at 206-722-4285 and we can give you the same royal treatment!

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