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These guys provide a terrific service to us folks on a tight budget. I was debating whether I should rent a U-Haul truck and haul a cr@p load of yard debris, garbage, batteries and a dish washer to the dump. I knew the transfer station wouldn’t take the appliance so I’d need to drive another 20 miles each way just to dump it in addition to the miles and gas I’d need to spend on just unloading the garbage at my local dump. I figured the dump would charge me about $75, the appliance would cost me about $15 to get rid of, the gas would be about $25 and the U-Haul would cost me about $45 after taxes. Who wants to spend $160, take up 4 hours or more of their day to dump and drive and dump and fill and return when you have Junk B Gone come over and take it all away for $180!! They are friggin awesome and the service was terrific. They were friendly, showed up on time, loaded the truck and were gone in 15 minutes. No back breaking on my part, no excessive hours spent driving/hauling/dumping. All I had to do was call and they came later that same afternoon. BTW, I called other places and they were all rediculosly priced compared to JBG.

Just used them for the 6th time. Real solid top to bottom… excellent management attention, reliable scheduling, wonderful crew, fair price. I really like these guys.
Rob M. 

I am a homeowner and own a rental house.  We have used this company many, many times and I can’t say enough about them.  They are so courteous and professional and helpful.  They are usually available the same or next day. They take everything and sweep up when they are done.  They have gone above and beyond for me over and over again and I refer them to everybody I know.  What a joy to have a local business with such great service.
Lisa V.

Great service from your staff. Prompt, and smiley faces. I would recommend them to anyone, in fact we have and our friends that used your service were just as pleased as we were!
John S.

These guys were super polite, fast, and got the job done. I called on a Friday about an unknown pile of garbage that I’d be throwing in my driveway while cleaning out my house and they came by the next day and hauled an enormous pile away for $185.
Ben W.

This company was GREAT! They were professional, fast and polite. I called on a Saturday afternoon and they had the junk picked up (2 small BBQ’s, metal frame hammok, metal garage door motor thing, and a metal stool) before 1pm the following day. For only $45!! They quoted me pick up between 12-4pm and were kind enough to call when they were running behind (even though they weren’t)-it was picked up by 1pm. You do not have to be home either. I will absolutely use them again.
Rachel D.

I‘m a maintenance supervisor in downtown Seattle. I oversee 4 apartment buildings throughout the city. I have been using Junk B Gone for over a year now and have always received excellent service. They respond in a timely manner and the same people come out ever time, so they always know where the things are. With their go getter attitude it’s a no brainer who to call.
Dallas W.

I went on a de-cluttering spree this weekend. I contacted Junk B Gone for a pickup to happen within the week. They got back to me immediately! They were on their way in, but willingly stayed out longer to come by and pick up my stuff! All of my extra stuff was good by the end of Saturday. They were awesome…friendly, efficient, and very professional. I would definitely recommend them to anyone and I will call them again!
Liz S.

The whole crew and team of Junk Be Gone are fantastic I have had them pick up for me for the last 16 years and Scott and his crew have been consistent, helpful, and always considerate, they go the extra mile and honest on their pricing. I highly recommend Junk B Gone to all my friends and family in Seattle/Kent/Des Moines/ Bellevue,, Renton and beyond!! Big Thank You to all of them and they recycle or donate EVERYTHING they pick up for us. THANK YOU
Arlene T.

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